Mummy Tummy Tune Up

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Tried everything possible to lose lose that stubborn postpartum paunch?

Could you actually be causing more harm than good?

The #1 question we get asked is ‘how to I get rid of this mummy tummy?’ and most people are surprised to hear the answer. Learn how traditional core exercises can actually make your mummy tummy worse and find out EXACTLY what exercises are needed for real results.

For the first time ever we are offering the ‘Mummy Tummy Tune Up’ program for only $49, learn how 100’s of women have created a stronger core and a flatter tummy with this simple and easy to follow plan.


Whether you are an expecting mom, a new mom, or a mother with growing children, we can show you exactly what you need to do to say goodbye to that paunch for good, and create a stronger, fitter you in the process!

The Mummy Tummy Tune Up includes:

  • 90min video full of Invaluable information on postpartum mummy tummy; what it is, why it can cause serious harm (not just a paunch) and how it can easily be fixed.

  • Video also includes information for expecting moms on how to reduce or even eliminate mummy tummy before it happens.

  • Core exercises that not only work to reduce mummy tummy, but create a strong core and a solid foundation that will be valuable your whole life.

  • A fun full body fitness program you can use to kick start your core routine, build strength, increase metabolism and reduce fat. Safe for pregnancy and postpartum, videos included.

  • Over 25 delicious and healthy recipes with an easy to follow meal plan

  • 30 day challenge option that includes a facebook support group (led by 2 of our top personal trainers) Join the facebook group today!




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